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Raw Honey Display In Organic Farmers Market

Mount Everest Honey Concern is registered under Nepal Government act, with registration no.27145/32 and PAN (Personal Account Number) 302808987 on date 2064/04/07 at Kathmandu.

There are more then 5000 farmer have involved in this honey production many of them are in small and few of them are in large scale.

An interesting story how I established this small cottage industry which I would love to share with my valuable costumers. One more thing honey is always my favorite food from my childhood, I   remember that days there were some people who came along with some kilograms of honey for sell around our houses to houses , this is always in same month when they found bee hives on jungle trees , which is absolutely different process to take honey from comb, my parent they used to buy some kilograms of those stuff every year. Honey is also necessary in Hindu rituals and worship to contribute to god, there are different time and condition where honey is compulsory need if you are well enough to afford it, but there is alternative also sugar with water can also represent honey for God. There is no hard rules on Hindu Religion on this case.

Let me be back to business now, well. This was time while I was actually running cargo and courier office in Thamel which is really big junction of Nepali product like garment, carving, painting, tales, crazy hats, woolen jacket- jumper- gloves and so on .

One day friend of my call while I was ready for way to office, suddenly there was a ring on mobile and that was my friend from my school time, whom I have not heard and met from last 7 year. We have all formal talk about how we are and how thing going, after some time of conversation he mention that he have been involved in honey farming from couple of year and supplying for manufacturing company and honey association Nepal, suddenly he come out with about proposal and explaining about my involvement. On that time I can’t say no to him but apparently I say this is good idea…yes, He come to office and showed me his quality and talk of honey. I seriously had to tell him I really don’t know but we will try to sell, what I am sure about was, if this stuff have quality, then we might can sell after which probably I hope it have. After his confidential talk. So, I believe myself there will be buyer for sure. We come out from office to the market to sell .We visit different restaurant close to my office which I know personally and we were able to sell some kilograms that day. Then I said OK, if this is help for you then I go for it, you make connections with farming and I make connection to place where we can sale.

We agree slowly and slowly we reached nice hotel restaurant, Guest house, whole seller and supermarket , after time pass by selling honey without any brand name on it, I decided to register company. After success of some kg sell report. We are selling organic, natural and farming honey from last 10 year from different kinds of bees.

After a year we believe that our product are better then what ever honey company are selling in Nepali market because the farmer’s & beekeepers community we are working are serious beekeepers and they supply exactly what they have supposed to our company.


Please have a look at the Press Release of Mount Everest Honey Concern.