Beautiful Flowers To Attract Bees To Your Garden

Local Honey from Apis Cerana Bee Sell in Nepal

We need the bees to get good yield from the crops in our vegetable gardens and from our fruit trees. Without bees, our agricultural world would be destroyed. However, as we build more cities and try to produce more food through intense agricultural practices, the bees are deprived of their habitat and food sources. The use of pesticides and other environmental pollutants are killing them off too.

Bees do not harm our crops. They are beneficial to us as well as the world around us. We can do our best to protect the environment and ensure our food supply by welcoming these pollinators into our garden.

To welcome bees into your garden, you should select the kind of flowers that attract them with nectar and pollen. A few things to look for are:

  • Native flowers
    Honeybees may collect nectar from a wide variety of flowers, but many wild bees are partial to native flowers. Many native flowers are now considered weeds, but planting a good selection of such flowers can entice native bees into your garden.

  • Colorful flowers
    Flowers are endowed with beautiful colors to get the attention of pollinators. Bees are more attracted to yellows and white and the blue-purple range.

  • Fragrant flowers
    Flowers carry fragrance for the very purpose of attracting pollinators.

  • Long bloomers
    Plants with a long flowering season assure the bees of a continuous food supply.

  • Early season flowers
    Early spring flowers are a relief to bees that have been on a meager ration during winter.

  • Mass plantings
    Having just one or two plants of a type, however bee-friendly it may be, does not serve the purpose. Instead, plant large patches of the same plant in an area, or have a mixed planting with a few selected bee favorites.