Honey Recipes

Honey is such a versatile ingredient in cooking and has such a distinctive flavor that it brings a magical touch to almost all foods — cakes, pastries, homemade cookies, barbecue meats, desserts, puddings, salad dressing, etc.

Different countries and cultures use honey differently in their food and cooking. In western countries, people seem to use more honey as a spread in their BREAD and have plenty of honey recipes for baking, whereas people in eastern countries seem to do less of that and mostly prefer to go for just a refreshing chilled honey drink – honey mixed with icy water.

Start using Honey in your meals straightaway:

1. As a drizzle for Desserts such as pudding, pancakes, ice-cream, oats and corn flakes.
2. As a sweetener for your tea or coffee.
3. As a seasoning for barbecue spare ribs, pork chops or chicken wings before cooking.
4. As a salad dressing with olive oil and vinegar for the extra body.