Mission – SAVE THE BEE

SAVE THE BEE- The Community Book Bank Nepal

We are on a Mission to Save The Bees that guarantees future food security and ecosystem services, help our country and her people grow and become more globally conscious and prosperous.

Its been Ten Years & more, we are on Honey Business. In these time tenure we feel many ups and down on production and sell of the honey. So we want to Save the Bee for coming generation to fill the gap for the honey production and consumption.

So we plant a mission for Save the Bee, comes with an idea about “The Community Book Bank”,  where as Saving some of the paper really makes a big difference on trees that grows in the forest, used to make paper out of it and most importantly bee can go around that trees and makes honey for us. If bee survives from the flowers nectar then we have enough honey around the year and grows vegetation of that particular area / region.

We will be most grateful for your help and consideration! We CAN “Save The Bee” if we work together!

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